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duology review: A Thousand Nights and Spindle

“My sister is no fool and she is not tender-hearted,” I said. “My sister fights for her home, and takes what risks she must. That is why I put myself before her today—why I would not let you have her. My sister burns, and she does not burn for you.”
 ― E.K. Johnston, A Thousand Nights

The OTP Book Tag

Happy February bookaholics! Or should I say the month of lllloooovvvveeee??
I thought to kick things off with a tag (i haven't done one in forever!) and my OTP's. I also have a good excuse to share of wonderful fanart. Enjoy! 

Let's Recap January

Oof - January was a big month. As history repeated itself, I spent my time doing the things I love. I read, blogged, took photos .. yet I still had my downs. My family lost our beloved Dakota, those first weeks really hurt. But I'm here, doing better! Anyway, let's recap January.