Let's Recap November

November kinda flew by?? The biggest events this month were, uh, school and Thanksgiving (break). I didn't even read that much. Oh well. I have better things to look forward to now!


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+ There was a cover reveal for Not the Girls You're Looking For. I love the model and coral background!

+ Imagine Entertainment picked up the film rights for The Wrath and the Dawn! I still have to read this book. 

+ Becky Albertalli fans!! We have a Simon trailer (and more) AND a new book coming out April 2018. I'm very happy and excited for Becky. <3


I only read four books this month, but I loved two (all time faves!!). However... I am 6-7 books behind my Goodreads challenge. Time to read all the graphic novels haha.


  1. EEEP, I CAN'T WAIT FOR RAINBOW ROWELL'S GRAPHIC NOVEL! <3 And AHH THE SIMON MOVIE TRAILER. MY HEART. I'm currently reading the book and I can't stop smiling. I love Simon.
    I really need to read The Wrath and The Dawn! When I met Sarah J. Maas, the author was sharing a panel with her and they were just hilarious together. So that kinda made me want to read her books. XD
    I also really need to read Red Queen. I may or may not have gotten it for christmas. ;)

    Lovely post, dear! I hope all is well. <3

    xx Kenzie

    1. Me too?! I've been waiting so many years... YES SIMON MY BBY <3 That's cool! I've heard great things about The Wrath and The Dawn.

      Thank you!! I hope the same :)


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