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At this time (November), I'm not taking book reviews! If you can wait till December, January, or February for me to read/review/share your book, then read my guidelines below.

My preferred novels/genres are:

+ Young Adult novels; I'll take any genre but horror. 
+ (YA/Juvenile) Graphic novels; I'll take any genre.
+  Juvenile (middle-grade, junior high etc) novels; I'll take any genre.

My accepted formats are:

Paperback, hardcover and/or advance reader copies (a physical copy) 
At this time, I cannot accept any electronic-form of books. 

Please include the following in your request:

+ Author information 
+ An overview of the book
+ Genre and age category
+ Publisher 
+ Publication or release date 
+ Links for the book (Amazon, Publisher, Goodreads etc etc) 


All my reviews are written by me, Anna. My reviews have never been influenced by the author or the publisher. My reviews contain my own photos and are shared on social media. And, I will always give a honest review. This means: I could love or dislike your book and, either way, I'll still give my honest thoughts on the book. 

Thank you for showing interest in Annaish! 

If you follow my policy and are ready for me to read/review/share your book ...
Email me at 


At this time (November), I'm not taking promotions! If you're here for a December, January, or February promotion then read my guidelines below. 

Do you want annaish to join your blog tour? Well, just please read over my review policy and see if your book fits in my guidelines. Does your book fit? Then send me an e-mail (with all your information) at - I'll let you know if annaish will take part and review your book. Thank you!

Annaish also does author interviews! Again, read over my review policy and see if your book fits in my guidelines. If everything works then send me an e-mail (with all your information) at . 

Things I don't publish on annaish are (currently) sponsored posts (like subscription boxes, business promo etc etc) book blitzes or cover reveals. I'm sorry if your request falls under here. I hope annaish can assist you in another way.


This blog is written by me, Anna. It is my hobby, not my job. I do not receive monetary compensation for my writing. 

I watermark all my photos! If you want to use my photo(s) you are welcome to; just please give me credit.

I encourage you to share my drawings! Either on your blog or social media - I would be honored. Just please give me credit. I DON'T encourage you to upload my drawings without credit and/or sell.

I sometimes use gifs and graphics for my posts. Those images are usually not mine. I try my best to give the proper credit but if I can't, then I put nothing under the image. If you find your image with no credit or the incorrect credit on annaish - please email me at so I can change it immediately.

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